Dark Frost

Dark Frost is a short man with jet black hair. The skin of his face is pale and wane; his dull, blue eyes are downcast during the day, but seem to shimmer an ever so slight icy blue in the darkness. His physical appearance is otherwise unremarkable


Motivation: Revenge
Complication: Enemies

Attributes: Rank Cost
Strength: 02 04
Stamina: 02 04
Agility: 02 04
Dexterity: 04 08
Fighting 01 02
Intelligence: 00 00
Awareness: 03 06
Presence: 00 00
Subtotal: 28

Defensive Attributes:
Dodge 05 03
Parry 05 04
Fortitude 10 08
Toughness 15 13
Will 10 07
Subtotal 35

Skills: Rank Cost
Acrobatics 06 03
Athletics 06 03
Intimidate 10 05
Perception 10 05
Ranged Blast 06 03
Stealth 12 06
Expertise: Accounting 04 02
Expertise: Guitar 04 02
Subtotal 29

Advantages: Rank Cost
Accurate Attack 01 01
All-Out Attack 01 01
Power Attack 01 01
Daze 01 01
Fearless 01 01
Diehard 01 01
Move-By Attack 01 01
Startle 01 01
Subtotal 08

Powers: Ranks Cost
Blast 10 20

Afflict 10 10
Cumulative 10 10
Uncontrollable -10 -10

Darkvision 02 02

Immunity 10 10
Life Support

Teleport 04 08
Limited -04 -04
Between Shadows Only

Conceal 04 08
Limited -04 -04
Only in Shadows
Subtotal 50


Jack Harker ended up on the wrong side, through no fault of his own, of the Jade Scorpions. He was buried one dark autumn night underneath an abandoned barn in rural Illinois. When the spring thaw happened, Jack found that he thawed as well. He panicked when he recalled where he was and how he’d gotten there and then suddenly found himself in a dark corner of the barn he’d been frozen beneath. After making his way back to Chicago, he tried to resume his life but gradually realized that being frozen to death for an entire winter and then thawing back to life does indeed change someone.
The first major realization occurred when he returned home to his wife Diane. She was shocked to see him when she opened the door. Her look of joy quickly turned to one of pain and she cried out, struggled briefly and fell out of Jack’s arms. He knelt down and felt her for signs of life, but she was cold to the touch. As he cradled his wife’s pale face, he noticed how pale his own hands had become. Before realizing what he was doing, he found himself running through what he thought was the morning light. When he finally stopped and looked up at the sky, and saw the moon.
As he looked up at the full moon, he vowed to avenge himself on the Jade Scorpions, for himself, for Diane, and for all the others they’ve hurt. Since he has begun to hunt the Jade Scorpions Jack, or Dark Frost as he calls himself now, has discovered that he can shoot bolts of darkness from his hands, hide himself in shadow, needs none of the sustenance he needed before his interment, is immune to the elements and highly resistant to the physical damage that would normally be a problem for someone not in his un-dead state.
Since the death of his wife and his vow, Dark Frost has spent the majority of his time tracking down the Jade Scorpions and their associates; although his definition of associate tends to be rather broad. With the rest of his time he goes through the routines of a normal life, such as they are available to him. To that end, he has taken up music as a way to pass the time continues working part time as an accountant earn money for his few necessities.

Blast of Darkness: Dark Frost can cause bolts of darkness to issue forth from his hands, inflicting the pain of icy darkness on their target.
Un Dead Physiology: As a former member of the living, Dark Frost is immune to disease, poison, environmental conditions, suffocation, starvation, and thirst, all thanks to his lack of a normal, functioning human physiology.
Cold Hands: Dark Frost’s hands are pale and icy. Anyone he touches feels the cold of the grave seeping into them, beginning with a sense of fatigue and progressing to a blue lipped collapse.
Conceal: Dark Frost can fade into the shadows, hiding himself from the sight of others.
Shadow Step: By making himself one with the shadows Dark Frost can move from place to place, shadow to shadow.
Darkvision: As a creature of the night, Dark Frost has the power to see in absolute darkness.

Jack Harker, despite being largely unremarkable, seems to possess a curious sense of style, as though he is trying to imitate proper fashion, but hasn’t quite got it. Regardless, he is always seen with a pair of thick,black gloves, whatever the weather.

Dark Frost

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