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Public Correspondence

To: _ Second City Supers
Subject: Debriefing for 3/19/12

First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone on a much improved effort in this week’s combat operations. While we might have benefited from some further tactical coordination, I believe that we approached the situation as a unified front, and though we each operated independently, we did so with a singular goal, and common methodology. Let’s keep on that path. I believe that the next major step we need to take as a Team is to find some means of transport, such that we can all be in specific desired locations at specific desired times, especially in combat situations. Dark, I’ve noted your teleportation abilities as a potential option. I hope everyone will be forthcoming with suggestions.

Secondly, while we were more successful in combat, I have to say that our television appearance was nothing short of a debacle. We came off, by turns, as incompetent, fractious, elitist, and potentially dangerous. Don’t believe me? Check Twitter. I don’t blame any of you for this; frankly, at least one member of the Mayor’s PR team should be out of a job for scheduling a public appearance on such short notice, with no formal preparation. However, we need to do everything we can to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

To that end, there is a specific issue that I think we need to address as a Team. Immediately.

When, you and I have not gotten off to a good start. You clearly come from a different background than I do, and it’s fairly obvious that we view the world differently. I have no problem with that. However, I don’t understand your need to attack me, repeatedly and without provocation, on national television. You have evidently made radical assumptions about me which have no basis in fact. I marvel that you can claim so comprehensive a knowledge of my character and intentions when we have scarcely spent an hour in each other’s company.

Now, you don’t trust the government. I work for the government. Ergo, you don’t trust me. Fine. I might be able to go with that, but for the blatant logical inconsistency of it. For you see, my dear, you also work for the government. You signed up for this little venture. And currently, I find myself utterly nonplussed as to why. It is as you said: you probably could have carried on the vigilante gig with little fear of interference or apprehension. But you didn’t. You became a Second City Super for some reason, and I’m betting that the reason is that you know it’s a good program. We have put ourselves in a position to protect, to serve, to inspire, and to lead. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me when you decide to publicly shit all over your own hard work and reputation. You tried to make me look like a conniving swindler, but do you honestly think that makes you look better? You have cast your lot with me, When. Our fates are the same. You can’t say “fuck the system” when you work for the system. Cuz then, When baby, you’re just fucking yourself.

If any of you think I’m off base, if you disagree with what I’m saying, please say so. But let’s get this hashed out, and determine together what face we want to put forward so that we create an image that people can admire, and emulate. I don’t expect us to be BFFs. I do expect us to be a Team. I do expect us to make this program work. I do expect us to make Chicago a better place.

Let’s get on it.



Re: Public Correspondence

Agent Grey (et al.),

First, you misspelled “ergo”.

Second, I concur with your assessment that you require some mode of transport; I have found that it negatively impacts our team when you are unable to contribute in any substantive way to the resolution of the conflicts we have faced. Since the security footage from the Field Museum that I have reviewed shows you altering your physical characteristics in the midst of combat, then it seems only logical that the metahuman abilities you initially kept hidden from us might also afford you the option of your own enhanced locomotion.

However, if you insist on some external means of transport, might I suggest the submarine that Dr. Null abandoned several miles offshore in Lake Michigan? It is plausible that he has forfeited his legal right to possession of said vehicle, both through the criminal seizure laws of Illinois and the maritime laws of salvage, should we wish to claim it for ourselves. It would be trivial for me to modify it to fulfill any transportation needs you or our other teammates may have.

Furthermore, while I find the term “fractious” a bit overblown, your argument regarding our public image is quite logical—especially since many citizens have become needlessly concerned about the radiation released from the detonation of the Stellar Buccaneer’s warp core. Likewise, the position you take with regards to When is precisely why I disabled her communication device during our interview. Specifically, it seemed to me that her verbal assault upon you was not only counterproductive to our interests but also motivated by ignorance, rather than knowledge, of your psychological disposition. With respect to that, there is one aspect of your argument which is not entirely sound—obviously, due to the inconsistencies of the human cognitive process, it is possible for different individuals within the very same “system” to have contrary goals. Thus, if you wish to educate When while simultaneously inspiring confidence in her that you and she are truly on the “same team”, I suggest you share with her precisely what tasks you have been assigned by the CIA in regards to the Second City Supers.

I trust you will find this response to your concerns quite helpful. You’re welcome.


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Public Correspondence

Yes, the actions of the team on national television were not in line with what is normally expected of a TV appearance.

Public Correspondence

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