In 1893 the first boosted metahumans were displayed at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the world beheld the marvels of Dr. Bushmiller and stared in wonder at what would become the future of humanity. Since that moment metahumans of all kinds have flourished, as if the Bushmiller Process (as it came to be known) was the key to what many thought of as a Pandora’s Box. Metahumans occupy all levels of society; presidents and dictators and CEOs to street level thugs and everything in between. They are watched, remarked on, noted, doted on, and so forth. A cable network, Meta! or M! as it is generally known tracks the movements of some of the most powerful movers and shakers on the earth.

Not all is peace and bliss, of course. There are always the greedy and grasping, those who would use their power or augmented intelligence for personal gain. There is also Kane’s Syndrome, an unfortunate malady afflicting sufferers with delusions of grandur. It is from their ranks from which the real superheroes and villains emerge, and it is they who cause the most damage.

That is where you come in. You have contracted with the City of Chicago, advisers to the Mayor and City Council. Charged with aiding the city and the greater region against metahuman threats, adventure awaits for those bold enough to take it…

Second City Supers!

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